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Product Description

Hawk is a system that works in a single site environment, an international enterprise or anywhere in-between.

Hawk Roost is an integrated data hub that stores all your fridge and freezer temperature checks through a continuous uninterrupted wireless transmission.

Our intuitive user-friendly design, based on an Android tablet, receives continuous uninterrupted fridge and freezer temperature data from the BioMaster protected Hawk Sentry via radio frequency (RF) transmission.

Hawk Roost is configured for full offline redundancy to be able to receive and process data during a power or network failure and can make use of 3G failover if necessary.

Hassle free installation – our dedicated technical experts will come and install the system for you and provide onsite training to your staff.

Contact a member of the Hawk Safety team today to discuss how we can help save your business time and money with the Hawk online health and safety management, HACCP compliance recording and monitoring solution.

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