Controlling critical parameters in healthcare is essential to achieve the high levels of safety and security required. Recording of paper based checklists and audits can be time consuming and follow up tasks can be easily missed. Our monitoring solution provides a reliable and affordable system to ensure healthcare professionals are able to keep the patients safe. Our sensors can monitor food storage, medicine storage, blood banks and other critical equipment. Our checks and checklists modules helps health care professionals record critical checks. Checklists are scheduled to make sure the relevant team member completes as and when they should do. Task management within the checklists ensures all critical tasks are completed on time. Records and reports are all stored safely on the simple to use web based dashboard.


  • 24/7 monitoring of critical controls
  • Receive alarm notifications if an asset is out of its set parameters (for example a medicine fridge is
    out of the required temperature range)
  • Storage of data for ongoing analysis and historical record keeping with easy access via the hawk
  • Knowledge that all crucial checklists are being completed on time
  • Knowledge that tasks are being recorded and completed on time.


  • Hawk modules offer flexibility – only purchase the modules needed for your requirements –
    Checks, Checklists and Audits, Monitor
  • LoRa or Bluetooth sensors
  • Discreet hub with sim or e-sim loaded to transmit data to the cloud
  • Data caching in case of weak signal or failure to transmit to the cloud – data is then automatically
    uploaded to the platform
  • Discreet hub with sim or e-sim loaded to transmit data to the cloud
  • Configuration of acceptable thresholds for any parameter
  • Live dashboard accessible from anywhere, anytime
  • Alarms received via email 24/7


Pharmacist woman in the storage making an inspection. Healthcare business