An appropriate condition within warehouses and distribution centers can protect a business from unexpected expenses that occur when the stock is damaged

Hawk provides a reliable and cost-effective system to ensure that all variables that might affect the quality and safety of products are consistent and acceptable 24/7.


  • Achieve a superior level of conservation of products by checking at the same time parameters that are correlated, such as temperature and humidity
  • Save energy by tuning your system to ensure an acceptable environmental condition overnight or when you are away
  • Prevent issues through predictive analysis, being informed if parameters are expected to go beyond tolerable levels in advance
  • A wireless system allows a quick and easy installation, calibration, replacement of batteries and swap out of devices if needed
  • Reduce stock loss and waste
  • Automatically provide all the historical records needed for better analysis and audits


  • Can be used standalone or combined with the other modules – Checks, Checklists and Audits, Task Management, Vehicles Tracking and Monitoring
  • LoRa wireless sensors with temperature range from -100 to +100 °C
  • Door open/close sensors
  • Data caching in case of weak signal or failure to transmit to the cloud – data is then automatically uploaded to the platform
  • Discreet hub power supplied or battery operated that transmits data to the cloud
  • Works over WiFi, Ethernet or mobile data with sim or e-sim preloaded
  • Configuration of acceptable thresholds for any parameter
  • Live dashboard accessible from anywhere, anytime
  • Alarms received via email, sms or whatsapp 24/7 



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