The Grove

Executive Summary

The Grove Hotel is a high-end luxury hotel in Chandlers Cross, about 20 miles North of London. They have an exclusive clientele and the standards demanded by the hotel to meet this exclusive status are exceptionally high. Harry Lomas, Executive Chef, has the challenge of managing six physical locations across the hotels grounds which cover significant distances. Since install, Hawk has:


The aims of Hawk were to:

  • Increase compliance with the Food Safety Management System across the hotel
  • Ensure the due diligence is checked and verified by the head chefs with the executive chef able to keep a helicopter overview
  • Protect the quality, standard and safety of the food being stored around the hotel

With 8 head chefs working across 6 physically different locations, Harry has his work cut out maintaining the highest standards and delivering the highest quality of experience to his customers. Compliance paperwork is simply a burden to this and no matter how robust the Food Safety Management System is, the due diligence data captured on the monitoring forms is critical and if these are stuck on a shelf in a different physical location, it becomes difficult to manage and verify this every day.

With such a large site, high volume of customers every day and the high standard of food being offered, the value of stock held within The Grove is eye watering. It is very important for this food to be protected, not only to ensure the quality and standard of the food is maintained but to reduce the risk and financial impact of a stock loss. Previously fridge temperatures were only recorded twice a day and this snap-shot gave no protection to the stored food outside of this window.

How Product Helped

Hawk installed 3 modules within The Grove, enabling the complete removal of manual monitoring forms and providing automatic continuous monitoring of all The Grove’s stored food. The Grove is now able to record each of their HACCP Checks ( such as deliveries which are completed rapidly, ensuring each of the critical controls required for a safe delivery are met, log all their cooking checks and handle exceptions where they occur and cool items within the controlled fixed process that has been set.

Hawk has enabled The Grove to work proactively and identify and resolve any issues before they escalate to a risk to the business as a food safety incident, such as an alleged food poisoning. Where an allegation is made, the level of data held and the detail in the system ensures Harry and his team can quickly refute the allegation and demonstrate the operations best practice with accurate data and reliable time stamps

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Since implementation the team has embraced the change and in the first six months of the solution being installed have recorded over 50,000 HACCP Checks records, 12,000,000 chilled unit Monitor records and 700 site-wide Checklists.

With this level of data being collated, it is easy to understand the challenges to be overcome. Hawk has enabled the team to view, access and analyse this data from tablets and PC’s from any location and react to risks as they occur and are visible through the dashboard. The Grove has been able to assure themselves that should any alleged food safety incidents occur, the data is there to defend the business and verify their due diligence.

The Monitor module has already provided many hours of time saved as chefs don’t need to manually record the temperatures of vast numbers of fridges. By responding to alerts, money has already been saved where fridges were failing to meet the configured policy parameters.

The Grove is planning to implement more scheduled Checklists in order to move other documented processes off of paper beyond just those in the Food Safety Management System for example weekly Health and Safety forms and staff return to work interviews.

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