Lincolnshire Co-op

Executive Summary

Lincolnshire Co-operative is a 156-year-old co-operative society built on the founding principles of cooperatives, working for the benefit of their members with the highest level of ethics. Lincolnshire Co-operative operates 84 retail stores, primary in Lincolnshire and the surrounding counties. These retail units have very specific compliance requirements to meet and with Hawk, Lincolnshire Co-operative has:

Completed almost a quarter of a million Checklists since implementation.


The aims of Hawk were to:

Move the vast quantity of Checklists from paper, locked in a file on the shelf to a web based platform

Increase compliance rates by monitoring completion based on the schedule created

Increase internal efficiency by removing store management from office bureaucracy and delivering their back office and compliance through a Microsoft Surface tablet

Lincolnshire Co-operative, like most businesses, was completing all their back-office paperwork on traditional printed diaries. There was a reliance on team members and management completing these diaries as per the stipulated schedules and there was no way to verify this without a compliance manager visiting the site and sifting through the paperwork. This meant compliance validation would only occur a couple of times a year during a scheduled audit.

The business wanted to pull their managers out of the back office and deliver them the tools to complete their back-office functions, including the compliance paperwork, front of house using a device such as a Microsoft

Surface tablet.



How Product Helped

Lincolnshire Co-operative implemented Hawk Checklists across their full estate of retail locations ranging from large retail stores to petrol stations and small corner shops. Microsoft Surface tablets were deployed by the central IT team to each site and as part of that project, Hawk was launched alongside this. The central compliance manager was trained on the use of the system and this was deployed to sites via cascade training.

The business took to Checklists immediately and there was an immediate high volume of these completed. The templates in use were expanded and each of the 84 locations has an average of 4 templates a day issued on a schedule to be completed by a deadline.

The benefits of the solution were immediately present and custom reporting was developed with the compliance team to present to them an exact compliance report. This report is used every day to see completion on time rates, completion late and still overdue. Drill downs of this view allow the business to strategically target non-compliant locations and closely control the overall business risk.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Hawk has enabled Lincolnshire Co-operative to dramatically alter the overall management process of compliance paperwork. Not only are food checks, bakery and butchery checks all logged through checklists but

all sites Fire Safety Checks, Fire Drills and Petrol Station Compliance checks are completed as custom templates through the Checklist solution.

This has resulted in almost a quarter of a million checks being completed since Lincolnshire Co-operative launched with the platform and based on the current schedule complete 335 checklists every day. This number means that on the former paper based system they would be using over 120,000 pieces of paper and printer ink every year. For a business with ethics at the core of their values, making a paper consumption saving of 1.2 tonnes and conversely not contributing 1.6 tonnes of CO2 to the environment gives strong support to the corporate and social responsibly of Lincolnshire Co-operative.

Based on the success of this solution, Lincolnshire Co-operative is reviewing the possibility of moving some of their fixed process checks from Checklists to the HACCP Checks application. Chilled unit monitoring is also a point of consideration as to how the solution can be effectively implemented to reduce the risk of stock loss and non-compliance with food storage temperatures.

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