Mid-size Restaurant

Situated near Biggleswade, the rustic restaurant, a family managed pub has been providing gastronomic experiences to Bedfordshire since 2014. Ben, Emma and her mother Julie pride themselves on the quality of their home cooked food while delighting customers with their charm and old fashioned hospitality.

In search of an efficient and user-friendly solution

Ben, Emma and Julie had been looking for ways to modernise food safety practices and establish an efficient food safety management system. Their objective was met by implementing HAWK, an online health and safety management, HACCP compliance recording and monitoring solution.

According to Ben, the Head Chef and Owner of The Hare & Hounds, “The HAWK system is efficient and user-friendly. Once it’s all set up, it’s very simple to train people on how to use it. A new member of staff started 3 weeks ago and he picked it all up on his first day. The system was received well by the team. It’s great when you invest money in a system and it works efficiently.”


We went to France about three weeks ago for the weekend. I had the reassurance that my staff were doing their job and keeping up to date with the checks.



Food safety starts with temperature monitoring

Food safety management begins with food deliveries. It is crucial to have a process in place to guarantee that all food is received fresh and safe when it enters the kitchen operation. The HAWK system helped Ben to identify and resolve issues with frozen food delivered to the premises at the wrong temperature.

Since having HAWK installed, Ben discovered that one of the suppliers was not complying with temperature control and legislation requirements. They were continuously delivering ice cream outside the required temperature range. This could have caused serious repercussions for the business but using HAWK’s temperature monitoring system, Ben is assured that the checks are accurate and the right decision is made when rejecting ice cream deliveries. HAWK has given him the reassurance that the team are correctly probing deliveries, using HAWK Checks.

24/7 complete peace of mind

HAWK’s paperless solution records and monitors fridge and freezer temperatures 24/7, offering Ben, Emma and Julie complete peace of mind and data integrity. HAWK keeps an eye on their appliances day and night, so they don’t have to. Ben receives custom alerts via text if a unit falls out of the defined parameters.

“The good thing about the system is that throughout the day you can have a quick glance and see if the fridges are working or not, especially at busy times” said Ben. “We have two walk in fridges outside, which especially in summer are exposed to sun all day long. When you get days like last year with temperatures as high as 27 degrees, if you leave the door open for too long, you will get the alert and straight away you can go and close the door. It’s all being monitored for you, which gives you peace of mind.”

Keeping you in the loop with real time alerts

The walk in fridge is an essential appliance for many kitchens, which consumes a lot of electricity. It is also a large energy user in these facilities. Over the bank holiday, not long after HAWK had been installed, the pub experienced a sudden power cut because of a blown fuse. Ben received an instant alert from HAWK and despite being off-site he successfully implemented the appropriate action. Having the reliable monitoring system in place prevented the business from losing food stock worth nearly £2.5K.


It is great that you do not have to be there 24/7 anymore as I can check it from anywhere. This gives me the peace of mind that if something is not working fine, I receive alerts straight to my phone. One quick call and it’s all sorted.

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